Bathroom & Kitchen Splashback Colours by Reflections 

Are you looking for glass splashback colours? Reflections is the best glass splashback alternative. We offer 14 bathroom and kitchen splashback colours in our range, to suit every taste and design option.

The colours are a creative DIY take on plain coloured splashbacks such as the black splashback, white splashback and red splashback. With a variety of neutral and colourful tints, Reflections can be incorporated in many kitchen splashbacks and bathroom designs. The splashbacks can stand out or blend in with surrounding colours for a perfect match.




Now Available In A METALLIC and NON-METALLIC Finish for a Limited Time Only!!


NEW Sheer Bliss White is non-metallic yet highly reflective and glass-like. A stunning new addition to the Reflections Colour range & sure to be a popular choice. Minimalist and stylish.


Colour Descriptions

  • Brushed Aluminium: Stunning Modern look to match your appliances NEW
  • Nomad Metallic: A Warm Beige Colour
  • Cascade Metallic: A Light And Luminous Blue Splashback
  • Mint Metallic: A Light Green That Looks Likea Clear Glass Splashback
  • Reef Metallic/Non-Metallic: A Striking And Deep Turquoise Green Splashback
  • Sheer Bliss White Non-Metallic: A Striking White Splashback Colour
  • Monaco Metallic: A Luscious Dark Cherry Red Splashback
  • Stiletto Metallic/Non-Metallic: A Bright and Punchy Lipstick Red
  • Earth Metallic/Non-Metallic: Neutral and Modern Brownish Grey Splashback
  • Raven Metallic/Non-Metallic: A Sophisticated and Intense Black Splashback Colour
  • Pepper Metallic:  Similar to a battleship Grey splashback, when absolute class is required
  • Willow Metallic: Not quite green and definitely not a yellow splashback colour, but somewhere in between. Stunning
  • Platinum Metallic: Traditional Silver splashback colour, a crowd favourite. Make a statement!
  • Whisper Grey Metallic: Neutral and Modern NEW