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Kitchen Bathroom Splashback



Reflections is proud to present the first of its new Positano Splashbacks.
Texture and sophistication: Kitchens require a lot of contrast. The Positano range is a perfect choice, adding a sleek element of texture that layers the design and allows the eyes to focus on separate areas.
These stunning Mediterranean inspired decors replicate the jaw-dropping alure of the Amalfi Coast and will compliment any kitchen design or layout. When only the very best will do!
Please enjoy the new Positano Collection video on the Inspiration-Gallery section of our website!
Why not give us your measurements and let us cut to size for you, all that’s left is to glue your panels to the wall!

Choose Reflections for Kitchen Splashbacks Melbourne


Get the polished look of Glass Splashbacks without blowing out your budget!
Stronger than Acrylic Splashbacks, Reflections are the ideal kitchen splashback alternative

Melbourne houses come in all varieties – from the heritage Victorian homes of yesteryear right through to properties exhibiting the very latest in modern design and style. Fortunately for home owners in Melbourne, kitchen splashbacks by Reflections are a simple and affordable way to bring the look of glass into your newly renovated home.

Whether you’re in the finishing stages of building a new home or are looking for a simple, budget-friendly way to bring your new kitchen to life, our splashbacks are the perfect alternative to glass splashbacks Melbourne.

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Please enjoy our Reflections Splaskback introductory video

  • Get the Gloss of a Glass Splashback Without the Excessive Expense
  • Our Kitchen Splashbacks are Designed & Made for DIY Installation – No Need to Hire Professionals
  • Forget Acrylic Splashbacks that Melt, Crack & Warp; Reflections Kitchen Splashbacks Aren’t Affected by the Heat of Gas & Electric Stoves
  • Our Splashbacks are Coated with a High Gloss Finish that Uses Light Reflection to Create the Appearance of Space
  • Reflections Splashbacks are Grime-Resistant, Grout-Free & Easy to Clean
  • There’s a 7 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty on all Reflections Kitchen Splashbacks!

Reflections Kitchen Splashbacks Set the Bar for Quality Materials & Design

Why Choose Reflections Splashbacks Over Acrylic or Glass Splashbacks?

Reflections Splashbacks have all of the best qualities of glass and acrylic splashbacks, minus the drawbacks of both.

They are high-gloss and reflective like glass, light and easy to transport like acrylic, and are easier to transport, cut, install and maintain than either glass or acrylic splashbacks.

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The Advantages of Choosing Reflections Splashbacks for Melbourne Homes

Whether you’re building or renovating, you want to ensure that your project’s costs are kept low wherever possible, without having to compromise on the quality of materials you use.

Reflections Splashbacks lead the industry when it comes to delivering the best wall coverings for your home or business – indoors and outdoors.

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Cheaper than Glass

With Reflections kitchen splashbacks, you can get the refined, high-gloss look of glass splashbacks without having to pay $450-600 per square metre.

Our splashbacks are up to 70% cheaper than glass splashbacks Melbourne, so you can get the glass look and still have more money in your pocket at the end of the day.

Installation FAQ

Simple Do it Yourself Installation

Our kitchen splashbacks are easy to install yourself, so you won’t have to hire expensive builders or tilers to get the job done.

  • Hassle-Free Transportation: You won’t need to hire a ute or van to get our splashbacks from A to B – they have a slim 4mm thickness and weigh just 7kg per square metre so you’ll be able to lift, load and unload them into most vehicles with ease.
  • Easily Cut to Fit: You can cut Reflections kitchen splashbacks to fit the requirements of your job on-site with standard metal or wood working tools. Unlike acrylic and glass splashbacks, our panels won’t chip, crack or shatter when drilled into, so even DIY beginners will be able to cut them to any shape with ease.
  • Order Pre-Cut Panels Now: If you don’t have tools at your disposal, just send in your measurements, and we’ll ship you pre-cut panels ready for installation.
  • Save Time: You don’t need to spend much time at all preparing the surface you’ll fit your splashbacks to, making Reflections kitchen splashbacks very quick and easy to install.In fact, Reflections Splashbacks take 65% less time to fit than ceramic tiles and don’t need costly adhesives to hold them in place. Just secure the splashbacks on top of existing tiles with a neutral silicone adhesive and some double sided tape to keep them in place until the silicone sets.

If you’d like more specific advice on how to make our splashbacks part of your next DIY project, check out our DIY guides and advice page.

Splashback Reef Arctic Breeze Splashback Latte

Reflections Splashbacks - Upgrade Your Kitchen Todays

Reflections Splashbacks are an exceptionally versatile product, designed to improve the look of practically any space – inside or outside of your home or business – without discolouring, losing their sheen or warping.

Fire Retardant & Heat Resistant: Reflections kitchen splashbacks are made to withstand extreme temperatures without melting, warping, cracking or losing their gloss. This means the same splashbacks you use to upgrade your bathroom can safely be installed behind electric cooktops and gas burners, in outdoor areas exposed to direct sunlight, or near heaters and fridges.

UV and Water Proof: Poolside, household wet areas, outdoor barbeques and bars, Reflections’ moisture-resistant splashbacks can be installed anywhere that you’d traditionally place tiles. But, unlike tiles, our splashbacks are grout-free, so you’ll never have to worry about scrubbing off mould or expensive pressure cleaning.

Long-Lasting Gloss Coating: We coat our splashbacks with a state-of-the-art finish designed to reflect light and amplify space. And, unlike glass splashbacks, Reflections kitchen splashbacks will stay lustrous for many years without the need for costly cleaners.

Colours to Suit Any Decor: Whether your building has a colour scheme reminiscent of traditional Victorian housing, or you enjoy a more contemporary atmosphere, we have kitchen splashbacks Melbourne buildings of all varieties will be beautified by. From neutral tones right through to bright and luminous metallic, Reflections kitchen splashbacks have a colour to match every property.

Hygienic & Easy to Maintain: If you want to spend less time and money maintaining the appearance of your home or business, splashbacks are the perfect upgrade. Reflections Splashbacks have a non-porous surface that naturally repels dirt and grime and has no grout between panels. This eliminates mould and reduces cleaning and maintenance to a simple, regular wipe over.

A 7 year manufacturer’s warranty: We stand behind our products 100%, which is why you’ll get a 7 year warranty on our splashbacks, even if you decide to install them yourself! To read more about our warranty, just head over to our Warranty and Claims page.

Splaschback Colours

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Unprecedented Versatility: One Product, Endless Interior & Exterior Applications

No matter if you’re embarking on your very first renovation project, or are an experienced builder with hundreds of jobs to your name, you’ll be amazed by all of the possibilities that Reflections Splashbacks bring to the table.

Our splashbacks are well-suited to a range of areas both indoors and outdoors, and will improve the overall look of:

  • Kitchens of all shapes and sizes
  • Al fresco dining areas and outdoor barbeque kitchens
  • Bars, benches and entertainment areas
  • Bathroom walls, toilets and vanities
  • Showers
  • Laundries and other utility rooms
  • Retail, commercial and office spaces
  • Reception areas and halls

If you want to improve the appearance of your property, Reflections Splashbacks are a great way to turn an ordinary room into extraordinary one.

No matter which area of your home or business needs to make a brilliant impression, splashbacks modernise, brighten up, and invigorate any space.

Caring for Your Splashbacks

You won’t need expensive cleaners to keep your kitchen splashbacks looking great.

Just use normal cleaners like spray and wipe, degreasing, foaming or alcohol-based products and wipe your panels with a soft microfiber cloth to keep them looking pristine.

Please note: We do not recommend using cleaners that are acidic, caustic or abrasive on your kitchen splashbacks. Fortunately, because our splashbacks don’t have grout lines or joins that tend to gather dirt, you won’t need to use harsh cleaners to get great results.

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With a 7 year manufacturer’s warranty that will remain valid even if you opt to install your splashbacks yourself, you’ve got nothing to lose when you purchase Reflections Splashbacks.

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