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Acrylic Splashbacks & Wall Panels vs. Reflections Splashbacks

What's the differences between a Reflections Splashback and an Acrylic Splashback?

Acrylic is a plastic/polymer based material offering an alternative to a glass splashback. Even though acrylic splashbacks have the advantage of being cheaper than glass, their lack of durability and flexibility of use makes it a poor alternative. The plastic is often used as acrylic wall panels and acrylic shower wall panels which can quickly wear out.

Acrylic splashbacks can also be called a perspex splashback or plastic splashback.

Reflections Splashbacks are made of a durable and highly advanced aluminium based system that makes it an affordable alternative to both glass and acrylic splashbacks, for all your indoor and outdoor applications and renovations.

Our kitchen splashbacks and wall panels are designed to provide superior strength, durability and design flexibility, while being easy to clean. There are countless advantages to using Reflections over standard bathroom and kitchen acrylic splashbacks.

Discover these advantages below or find out more about our kitchen splashbacks

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Reflections Splashbacks & Wall Panels
Will not crack or snap when cut or drilled
Can be used in a variety of outdoor applications in direct sunlight or moisture affected areas (i.e. barbeque or outdoor kitchen splashbacks)
Uses a unique fire retardant system, making it suitable for direct application behind a heat source
100% opaque and will mask small holes (up to 75-100mm long), cracked plaster or paper tears behind your splashback
Acrylic Splashbacks
Cannot be used to cover an existing tile wall or splashback
Tends to fade in the sunlight over time and scratches easily
Not heat resistant, and requires a glass or stainless steel insert to be placed behind your cooktop with the installation.
The transparency of acrylic splashbacks can reveal marks and defects on the wall underneath

Why is Reflections so much better than acrylic?

Reflections Splashbacks and Wall Panels offer considerably more benefits than acrylic splashbacks for a similar price! Our splashback material offers a more cost effective and long lasting solution when upgrading your kitchen splashback or shower recess.

Acrylic splashbacks are petroleum-based products, they tend to fade with prolonged exposure to sunlight, scratch quite easily and need to be kept away from chemicals that can mark the surface.

Reflections Splashbacks, on the other hand, have been carefully designed and developed to provide unmatched quality and strength. Made of a tough aluminium skin and a high density mineral fibre core, our highly durable panels are then colour coated using high gloss technology to ensure a beautiful range of light reflecting colours that won’t fade or dull.

So if your bathroom or kitchen splashback is starting to weaken or show its age, or if you’re looking for an instant design update for your indoor or outdoor cooking area, Reflections is the ultimate in affordability, design flexibility and durability.

Reflections is popular for people looking for an alternative to acrylic splashbacks Melbourne, acrylic splashbacks Brisbane and ?also acrylic splashbacks Sydney.

Long Lasting Strength

One of the main advantages of a Reflections Splashback over an acrylic splashback is its superior durability over time, thanks to its UV resistance and fire retardant properties.

With the ability to be installed indoors and outdoors including directly behind heat sources, in direct sunlight and areas heavily affected by moisture, our bathroom and kitchen splashbacks are strong and durable enough to withstand just about anything without losing their stunning high gloss finish.

Now you don’t need to spend more money on expensive and less attractive inserts behind your cooktops. Reflections Splashbacks has been fire rated and can be safely used behind freestanding or bench mounted gas, electric and induction cooktops both indoors and outdoors, and its UV resistance means you can even install it in direct sunlight with the knowledge that it won’t yellow or fade over time.

Reflections is also 100% waterproof and grout-free, making it an ideal choice for bathroom feature walls, shower recesses and uncovered outdoor cooking areas that are exposed to rain and weathering.

Flexible Design and DIY Installation

Reflections gives you the choice of splashbacks in 14 beautiful designer colours to ensure a perfect match with your existing décor. Our exclusive metallic surfaces feature subtle metallic flakes that deliver a stunning glossy finish and optimum light reflecting properties.

We offer our splashbacks and wall panels in a number of standard pre-cut sheet sizes, as well as the option to have your panels cut to your required dimensions with our additional cut to size service. Making installation simple and flexible, we can help you save on installation time and get a perfect fit.

Fitting your panels is also easy – they can be installed DIY in less than 1-2 hours, using a standard circular saw and other basic equipment. Reflections is beautifully smooth, simple and the versatile splashback of choice, suitable for even beginner-level DIY!

All panels come with an easy-to-read installation guide and of course our customer service is always on hand to assist with any queries you may have regarding installation of your splashback.