DIY Kitchen Splashbacks

3 times faster to install than tiles.

Kitchen Splashbacks & Bathroom Panels that are quick and easy to install!

Install over an existing tile wall.

Save even more time by installing Reflections panel directly on top of an existing tile splashback!


Reflections has been designed with the DIY user in mind. If you are a confident home handyman you can easily install Reflections yourself and save on professional installation.

Skill Set Meter: Intermediate.


Installation Material

Silicone gun.

Silicone Gun


Yellow circular saw.

Circular Saw


Silicone, double-sided tape and spatula together.

Silicone, Double-sided
Tape & Spatula


Do-it-yourself Instructions

Step 1: Area preparation

Ensure that the wall/tile surface is smooth and clean. If covering an existing tile wall, make sure that the tiles are securely attached to the wall.


Step 2: Measuring

Take your measurements with precision. Protect the wall panel and place it face down on a clean surface. Report your measurements on the backside of the panel.


Step 3: Cutting and fitting

Work on the reverse side of the panel. Cut and fit your panel just like a wooden board.


Step 4: Dry test and remove the film

Apply the panel against the wall without using any bonding material to test its positioning. Once satisfied, remove the protection film on the back side of the panel only.


Step 5: Apply the silicone

Apply the silicone with the caulking gun in an S-shape pattern.


Step 6: Panel Installation

Apply the panel against the wall. Apply silicone between the wall panel and the kitchen bench top or shower recess to avoid any water infiltration. Remove the protection film on the front of the panel in one move to get the best result.


To assist you with the fitting of your splashback, you will receive an easy to read and complete Installation Guide.