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Reflections Splashbacks vs Kitchen Splashback Tiles

Why are Reflections Splashbacks & Wall Panels So Much Better Than Tiles?

Reflections Splashbacks & Wall Panels are the ideal alternative to a tiled splashback or shower wall.

As affordable as kitchen splashback tiles, Reflections offers the added benefit of giving an overall sleek and modern look to your kitchen or bathroom. The reflective properties of Reflections bounces light around and will make any room appear brighter and bigger just like glass. As with a tile splashback, Reflections can be used safely behind a heat source such as a gas burner or an outdoor barbeque.

Quick Installation

Reflections is 3 times faster to install than tiles and can be fabricated easily with simple hand routing tools. You can shape your splashback to size and install it in no time compared to a kitchen tile splashback.

DIY renovations made simple

Cover an existing tile splashback using Reflections to upgrade the look of your kitchen or bathroom quickly.

Easy Maintenance

Reflections is grout free and offers minimal joint lines making housekeeping a breeze for both your kitchen and bathroom. Tile splashbacks promote the development of mould, allow dirt to build up and can difficult to keep clean. Reflections is the hygienic alternative to tiles!

Thinking about tiles as a cheap alternative to glass?

Tiles are generally the go-to option when the look of glass is not affordable. With Reflections, you don’t need to sacrifice the sleek, modern appearance of a glass splashback for cost reasons!