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Kitchen Bathroom Splashback



Reflections is proud to present the first of its new Positano Splashbacks.
Texture and sophistication: Kitchens require a lot of contrast. The Positano range is a perfect choice, adding a sleek element of texture that layers the design and allows the eyes to focus on separate areas.
These stunning Mediterranean inspired decors replicate the jaw-dropping alure of the Amalfi Coast and will compliment any kitchen design or layout. When only the very best will do!
Please enjoy the new Positano Collection video on the Inspiration-Gallery section of our website!
Why not give us your measurements and let us cut to size for you, all that’s left is to glue your panels to the wall!

Stunning Kitchen Splashbacks Sydney

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Get the look and appeal of Glass Splashbacks but at a fraction of the cost with Reflections
Our affordable splashbacks and wall panels are the perfect alternative to glass and Acrylic Splashbacks

Whether it’s a renovation project or putting the finishing touches on a brand new property, 4mm in thickness Reflections Splashbacks and Wall Panels are the perfect way to deliver a sleek, contemporary finish to your new or upgraded kitchen. Reflections is an alternative to glass splashbacks Sydney and Australia wide.

Easy to fit, made from quality materials and visually appealing, Reflections kitchen splashbacks and bathroom panels are durable, easy to maintain and DIY friendly. With Reflections, your next kitchen or bathroom renovation or upgrade will be both practical and affordable.

We specialise in Kitchen Splashbacks Sydney
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Please enjoy our Reflections Splaskback introductory video

The Perfect Kitchen Splashback Idea

  • Lustrous and Attractive Like a Glass Splashback But Without the Added Expense
  • Reflections Kitchen Splashbacks are Manufactured with Ease of Installation in Mind - Even DIY Beginners Can Install them!
  • Unlike Acrylic Splashbacks, They are Heat Proof & Safe to Install Behind Gas Burners & Electric Hot Plates
  • By Combining High Gloss Technology with a Wide Range of Colours, our Kitchen Splashbacks Reflect Light & Create a Spacious Modern Atmosphere in Rooms of All Shapes & Sizes
  • Take the Hassle out of Maintenance with a Hygienic, Dirt-Resistant & Grout-Free Finish that You Can Clean in a Single Wipe
  • Rest at Ease knowing Your Splashback Investment Comes with a 7 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty!

Reflections Offers the Affordable Substitute to Glass and Acrylic Splashbacks

Reflections Splashbacks combine the best qualities of glass and acrylic splashbacks into a product that stands unrivalled in the renovation and construction market.

Our splashback panels bring together the aesthetic appeal of glass and the light weight of acrylic, with significantly more flexibility, durability and strength than both of these outdated options.

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Get the Look and Appeal of Glass While Saving Money

Our kitchen splashbacks are up to 70% cheaper than glass splashbacks, which usually cost $450-$600 per square metre and require an experienced professional to cut and install.

If you don’t want to pay a tradesman for a job you can do yourself, Reflections Splashbacks are perfect for you! Virtually anyone can install our splashbacks and wall panels - no industry specific tools or knowledge are required!

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Install Yourself Today - Our Splashback Panels are DIY Friendly

Reflections take 1/3 of the installation time that ceramic tiles require and don’t need expensive adhesives or surface preparations to install.

Fixing our kitchen splashbacks is as simple as securing them on top of existing tiles or splashbacks using neutral silicone adhesive and double-sided tape to hold them in place until the silicone cures.

About Installation

Splashback Mint Arctic Breeze Bliss White

Inside and outside of your home, office, shop or commercial building - there are no limitations on where you can install Reflections Splashbacks.

From the kitchen through to the bathroom and even outdoors areas that are exposed to the elements, our splashbacks are designed to handle any environment.

Fire Retardant & Heat Resistant: Because they are made out of superior materials that won’t warp, melt, weaken or crack when exposed to heat, you can confidently install Reflections Splashbacks behind gas and electric cook tops, in direct sunlight and near heaters.

UV and Water Proof: When it comes to moisture resistance, our splashbacks outperform glass and acrylic splashbacks. From bathrooms through to al fresco dining areas, poolside kitchens and more, Reflections Splashbacks are unaffected by moisture and sunlight.

Effortless & Enduring Gloss Finish: We use industry-leading technology to coat our splashbacks with a finish that reflects light, illuminates any room, and looks sleek and polished for years without ever needing recoating.

Don’t settle for kitchen splashbacks that need expensive cleaning products to stay shiny, will weather and dull over time, or simply don’t make the most of your room’s potential - Reflections Splashbacks have more benefits than glass splashbacks at a fraction of the cost.

Colour Match Any Building with 14 Robust Colours: Our kitchen splashbacks come in a wide range of colours to perfectly suit the architecture and style of any room. Whether you prefer neutral shades that complement a more traditional look, brighter colours to bring a room to life, or a metallic pallet to add a touch of modernity, Reflections Splashbacks have the colour you need at the price you want.

The Clean Alternative: Splashbacks can’t be beaten when it comes to maintaining a clean and hygienic environment. Our grout-free splashbacks and wall panels have a non-porous surface. This impervious, waterproof and steam-resistant surface makes wasting time scrubbing out dirt, mould and grime a thing of the past.

A 7 year manufacturer’s warranty: We are so confident that you’ll be satisfied with the quality of our splashbacks for years to come that we offer a 7 year warranty on all of our splashbacks and wall panels – even if you decide to install them yourself!

Splaschback Colours

For superior value and the best return on your investment, Our Sydney Kitchen Splashbacks are the only choice!

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Unprecedented Versatility: One Product, Endless Splashback Applications

Whether you’re a first-time renovator or a DIY pro, you’ll be impressed by the wide range of applications Reflections Splashbacks have both indoors and outside the house.

Designed to provide all-around functionality, our splashbacks make the perfect addition to:

  • Modern & traditional kitchens 
  • Shower walls and enclosures
  • Kitchen islands
  • Outdoor kitchens 
  • Vanities and mirror surrounds
  • Spa surroundings
  • Bathroom walls
  • Barbecues
  • Laundry rooms
  • Shop fittings
  • Commercial Fitouts

Splashbacks are the perfect way to bring immediate interest and appeal to any space. Whether you need to bring a burst of colour to a dull room, modernise an outdated kitchen or bathroom, or just need something to bring all the elements of a design together, a quality high-gloss splashback is an ideal solution.

Maintenance Advice

Forget about ordering in specialised cleaners to take care of your kitchen splashbacks. You can safely use regular cleaning products on Reflections Splashbacks, including spray and wipe, degreasers, foaming agents and alcohol based products.

Or, if you prefer a cheaper cleaning method, simply mix warm water and a little detergent and wipe your panels with a microfiber cloth. Stains, dirt and grime will lift instantly.

Please note: use of acidic, caustic or abrasive cleaners is not recommended as they can tarnish the surface of the panels. However, with no grout lines, joints or grooves to collect muck and mould, there’s simply no need for harsh cleaners. With a little care, your kitchen splashbacks will keep their fresh gloss for decades.

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There’s nothing to lose when you install Reflections Splashbacks – especially when all of our splashbacks come with a 7 year manufacturer’s warranty that’s valid even if you install them yourself!

Don’t waste your time and money on glass or acrylic splashbacks. Reflections Splashbacks are the best looking, highest quality and most affordable kitchen splashbacks on the market.

Get your superior kitchen splashback from the Sydney & NSW wall panel Specialists: Reflections 

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