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DIY Kitchen Splashback Advice

Why should you use a Splashback by Reflections?

Decorative Purposes

Reflections Splashbacks bring brightness to your kitchen with neutral or bold colours, and gives an end result similar to glass.

Practical Purposes

Reflections has been designed to be easy to clean and maintain. This unique splashback system will protect your kitchen walls from steam, food spills and hot oil splashes when placed behind your stove top.

How is Reflections different from other splashback materials?

Learn what makes Reflections a superior alternative.

Click on either Glass, Acrylic or Tiles to see how Reflections compares!

Top 10 Criteria to select your kitchen splashback

  • Ease of maintenance (Can my splashback withstand most cleaning product and is it stain resistant?)
  • Ease of installation
  • A good Price to Quality ratio
  • Fire resistance & Cooktop Compatibility (Is my splashback compatible for use being gas or electric cooktops?)
  • UV & sunlight resistance (Will my splashback colour fade over time if repetitively exposed to sun light?)
  • Long Warranty
  • Water resistance (Will my splashback withstand water splashes?)
  • Ability to accommodate power outlets and taps
  • Is professional installation required?
  • How quickly can it be supplied?

Get your DIY Splashback Installation Right the First Time!

  • Take accurate measurements
  • Measure twice, cut once!
  • If things get difficult, don't hesitate to get help
  • Make sure everything is levelled
  • Gather all the materials and equipment you need before you start
  • Check that all the components fit together
  • Ask for assistance to manoeuver larger panel sizes
  • Use the appropriate type of cutting blade
  • Only apply your splashbacks to a clean, dry and smooth surface