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Kitchen Glass Splashbacks vs. Reflections Splashback

What's the differences between a Reflections Splashback and a glass splashback?

Reflections Splashbacks offers you the same look and appeal of a quality bathroom or kitchen glass splashback.

Our premium bathroom and kitchen splashbacks are the smarter choice for your next renovation or upgrade, providing numerous valuable benefits over traditional glass.

Reflections Splashbacks and Wall Panels are the smart and durable alternative to a bathroom or a kitchen glass splash back,and will offer you a stunning designer look for your kitchen renovations at an attractive price. Our splashbacks are up to 70% cheaper to install than the glass splashback cost/price.

Discover these advantages below or learn about our Kitchen Splashbacks

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Reflections Splashbacks & Wall Panels
Light and easy to cut (only 7 kg per square metre)
Only 4mm thick; slimline & perfect to cover an existing tile wall
Affordable and DIY
Will not shatter or crack on impact
Can be cut to follow the contour of your windows or kitchen cabinets for a smooth splashback surface
Flame retardant - can be used safely behind any gas or electric cooktop
100% waterproof
Glass Splashbacks
Offers a smooth surface, but? are also expensive, heavy and more fragile
Can shatter or crack on impact
Expensive (between $450 and $600 per square meter), with the expectation of additional costs for custom cutting around your power outlets or taps
Professional installation ?is fairly much mandatory. Not typically a DIY splashback product

Easy DIY Splashback Installation

Reflections is lighter and easier to manipulate than glass, making it ideal for simple and fast DIY installations without the need for complicated tools or technical knowledge. Our bathroom and kitchen splashback can be cut and drilled in any shape or form using only simple wood working tools.

Up to three times faster to install than tiles, you can save even more time by installing our splashback directly on top of an existing splashback or tile wall! You can see our DIY splashback instructions to find out just how simple it can be, and you’ll receive a more detailed installation guide with your order to help you fit your splashback at home.

Save on professional fitting and installation and choose Reflections for a complete DIY design solution.

Superior Strength & Durability Over Glass Splashbacks

Reflections is up to 10 times stronger than glass splashbacks. It won’t shatter or crack, and guarantees a durable shine for years to come.

Our high quality bathroom and kitchen splashbacks are manufactured using a sturdy aluminium skin and a high density mineral fibre core, for optimum strength and durability. We have specially manufactured this combination of quality materials to make our splashbacks UV-resistant, fire retardant and 100% waterproof so that they can be installed just about anywhere including directly behind cooktops or stoves, outdoors and in wet areas.

Best of all, all Reflections Splashbacks and Wall Panels come with a 7 year manufacturer’s warranty, even when you do the installation yourself!

Affordable Price

Reflections is up to 50% cheaper than a standard bathroom or kitchen glass splashback, and our simple and functional DIY design lets you save even more on professional installation if you decide to install your splashback yourself!

If you are thinking of glass for your bathroom or kitchen splashback, just remember:

  • Glass comes with a reasonably high price tag
  • While there are other DIY alternatives to glass splashbacks available on the market striving for the look of glass, the cheaper options such as acrylic or even cheaper, thin, non-toughened glass can be substandard and potentially won’t stand the test of time
  • Reflections Splashbacks and Wall Panels offer the perfect alternative to glass tiles being quicker to install, grout free and easier to maintain over time

Design Versatility

Reflections Splashback and Wall Panels offers numerous design options to fit seamlessly with your existing décor and colour scheme. Our quality bathroom and kitchen splashbacks are available in both a metallic and non-metallic high-gloss finish, for a reflective and glass-like appearance.

Available in 14 beautiful designer colours with a variety of neutral and vibrant tints, Reflections Splashbacks will instantly add character and style to any residential or commercial space.

We supply our splashbacks in a variety of pre-cut sizes to fit most standard kitchen and bathroom wall measurements, and our additional cut to size service will make it even easier to find your perfect fit and save you more time by providing panels cut to your exact measurements for you!

Make the better decision over glass splashbacks and order your obligation free Reflections samples Australia wide today!